Berkeley ACM SIGGRAPH Local Guide

Berkeley Campanile

Thank you for considering to come to a Berkeley ACM SIGGRAPH event! We're definitely excited to have you, and we recognize that you may be coming in other areas in the Bay Area. As such, we wanted to provide a list of useful tips to help make your stay at our campus much more pleasant.

NOTE: This guide is currently under construction. Please check back in a week for more details!

  • BART: Downtown Berkeley is the nearest BART station.
  • BUS: AC Transit provides a $2.10 one-way fare.
  • TAXI: There are taxis at of the Downtown Berkeley or Rockridge BART Station.
  • Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen
  • Great China Restaurant
  • Gregoire's
  • Chez Panisse
  • Thai Noodle
  • Sliver
  • CU Sushi
  • Pho Bar
  • La Val's