Berkeley ACM SIGGRAPH Leadership Team

The Berkeley ACM SIGGRAPH Leadership Team consists of experienced SIGGRAPH student volunteers eager to help grow our community through inclusive activities and events.

We are most definitely looking into providing mentorship and opportunities to newer members in our community. If you're interested in learning more Berkeley ACM SIGGRAPH or the ACM SIGGRAPH organization and conferences, please send us a membership inquiry.

Chair: Juan de Joya
I enjoy computer graphics research, films, and video games. In my spare time, I'm reading research papers, math/physics books, comics as well as sipping tea at my favorite cafes.

  • SIGGRAPH 2014 Posters Chair
  • SIGGRAPH 2013 Student Volunteer Team Leader
  • SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 Student Volunteer Team Leader
  • SIGGRAPH 2012 Student Volunteer

Vice Chair: DB Burnett

  • SIGGRAPH GraphicsNet
  • SIGGRAPH 2013 GraphicsNet Chair

Secretary: Marissa Comstock

  • SIGGRAPH 2012-2014 Student Volunteer

Treasurer: Justin Stimatze
I like physics, code, conferences, and helping people solve problems.

  • SIGGRAPH 2007-2014 GraphicsNet
  • SIGGRAPH 2012 GraphicsNet Chair
  • SIGGRAPH 2006 Student Volunteer

Content Manager: Olivia Lai Shetler

  • SIGGRAPH 2013 Student Volunteer