Berkeley ACM SIGGRAPH Community

Berkeley SIGGRAPH Community

The SIGGRAPH community reflects the encompassing diversity of concentrations and interests in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Our student chapter is similarly patterned, with animators, engineers, artists, designers, and researchers counted among our members.

Berkeley ACM SIGGRAPH plans multidisciplinary professional events that encourages our members to explore and broaden their perspectives on relevant work. Our chapter also plans casual meetups for our community so that we can work, learn, grow, and have fun together.

Berkeley ACM SIGGRAPH is interested in growing the community through active student engagement. We want potential and current members to be aware of the opportunities available to them as part of the SIGGRAPH community.

We are also invested in building long-term relationships with the community, be it with other chapters or companies/organizations. We believe in the value of open collaborations, and we want to encourage positive interactions within our community through fun events/projects.

Our members matters to us, and we want to be inclusive of their needs. We recognize that not everyone is always going to be in the Bay Area, and we want to make sure we can maintain our members' investment in our community. To that end, we want to help continue one's growth as part of SIGGRAPH by creating opportunities to stay involved and hopefully inspire new members to come on board.